Revolutionizing XR Training with All-New VIVE Ultimate Tracker

HOLOGATE/HGXR incorporates the all-new VIVE Ultimate Trackers into its immersive media solutions. This strategic move reinforces the company’s commitment to providing the most advanced technology to its partners and customers.

HGXR Transforms Military Training with Haptech Integration

Integrating lifelike weaponry into extended reality training is vital for an authentic simulation of real-world conditions. In line with this commitment, HGXR is set to integrate state-of-the-art tools from Haptech...

XR Training: Redefining Skill Development for the Digital Age

In a rapidly evolving world, the demand for modern, adaptable, hands-on, and engaging training methods is more vital than ever. Traditional training approaches often prove to be time and resource...

FARO Technologies and HGXR: Revolutionizing XR

In an age where partnerships shape the landscape of innovation, one such partnership is redefining the way we experience immersive XR training and simulation. HGXR has forged a strategic alliance...

US Marine reacts to HGXR VR Bundeswehr Training

Theo Boyrié, creator of the Combat Arms Channel, was incredibly impressed when he recently reviewed the HGXR training solution for the German Army.

HGXR AERO: Elevating Helicopter Simulation for the German Army

The German Army’s annual XR conference recently witnessed a groundbreaking moment with the showcase of the HGXR – AERO, our advanced helicopter simulator. This event marked a new era in...

Case Study: Bundeswehr WTD 91 Virtual Action Trainer

German Army integrates Virtual Reality into Training. More efficient. More effective. More flexible.