US Marine reacts to HGXR VR Bundeswehr Training

Theo Boyrié, creator of the Combat Arms Channel, was incredibly impressed when he recently reviewed the HGXR training solution for the German Army.

This is definitely one of the coolest, most versatile trainers I’ve seen!

The active solder, former marine 0311 infantryman and 8154 CQB team member produces engaging reaction videos featuring military-related content and has over 465,000 followers on his channel. The film captures his reaction to the German Army’s film presenting their new HGXR virtual reality solution.

Boyrié was amazed by the VR trainer, appreciating the stunning graphics and incredibly realistic environment design. He noticed how immersed the users were in the experience and was blown away by the system’s flexibility in adapting to different scenarios. Boyrié commented, “The possibilities with this are truly endless”.

Furthermore, he emphasised that the VR trainer surpasses anything he has seen used in the US military.

Since 2020 HOLOGATE/HGXR has worked with the German Army on the joint development of this turnkey revolutionary free-roam, full-body XR training and simulation system. Known as the “VirtHT – Virtueller Handlungstrainer” (transl. Virtual Action Trainer), high-end quality VR is streamed directly into headsets, allowing for free unencumbered movement in the expansive training space of up to 200m2. The integration of high-fidelity tracking technology, an integrated audio system which allow trainees to communicate with each other throughout the training, haptic feedback and authentic weapon replicas adds to the system quality and realism.

We are constantly developing new training content and applications with the German Army, such as a VR Motion Simulator for flight training. The long-term goal is to establish the “VirtHT-Virtual Action Trainer” at hundreds of locations worldwide to build up an innovative training network. By linking the systems, different teams and military units will be able to jointly train missions in the virtual world.

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