Modular, for Unique Flexibility.

HGXR Platform

Full Flexibility

HGXR systems are trusted by our clients and large institutions, including the German Army. Our end-to-end solutions guarantee full flexibility in terms of space and usability while offering the latest XR technology, high-end graphics and an extensive app library driven by your needs.

Our platform is based on a modular design structure both in hardware and software, making it easy to integrate future technologies and enable a wide range of use cases.

Close Quarter
Anti Air
Anti Tank
Command Training
Law Enforcement
First Aid
Fire Fighter

Utilize our evolving app library, implement third-party apps, or create customized applications with our team.
Our intuitive interface makes for effortless system operation & management by a single attendant. Reproduce any physical object in virtual reality and seamlessly integrate authentic equipment for a realistic feel and operation.

Military & Defense


XR Technology to the fullest.

High-End Stationary Systems

The HGXR X system revolutionizes the virtual experience. Featuring our proprietary hyper-reality technology that blends state-of-the-art full-body tracking technology, haptic feedback, and physical effects inside a high-fidelity immersive experience. Precise full-body tracking technology allows users to move, communicate and interact realistically in virtual reality.

Enhanced immersion

Haptic vest, rumble feedback, and 4D Effects including wind, heat, and scent enhance the immersion dramatically. Hyper-real graphics and the integration of authentic equipment further intensifies training and simulations.


Scalable from 36 to 400m² / 387 to 4300 sq. ft.

The M Setup is a compact mobile XR system.

Ultra Flexible Mobile Systems

The HGXR M system is the mobile multi-use solution to-go. Compact, easy to set up, and full of possibilities. Turn any room into a virtual multi-use free-roam arena within minutes and train, visualize and simulate everything imaginable.

This setup is designed to move and fits everywhere you go. The compact system structure and the dynamic VR room size enable ultra-flexible use cases without any room restrictions.

Combine multiple systems

to increase number of users.

Dynamic VR Room

Turn any room into a virtual multi-use free-roam arena within minutes and train, visualize and simulate everything imaginable.

Ready-to-use, Custom
or Third Party Applications.

Our evolving app library is ready to use at any time and at the touch of a button. Switch quickly and easily between multiple applications.

From Close Quarter Battle to Anti-Tank / Anti-Air and LAW enforcement to First-Aid scenarios, we already developed an extensive library of use cases.

Hyper-real environments and scenarios with next-level audio-visual fidelity lead to a deep immersion in the virtual action. Our virtual actors are driven by our own proprietary AI solution that engages with users in a highly realistic way and allows operators to dictate commands for real-time interaction.

The perfect multi-use VR Platform.


Individualize our library to your needs. Customize our applications.

Third Party API

Implement new scenarios or third-party apps with our Third Party API.

The After Action Review
is an essential part of XR training

Following each training session, our system captures comprehensive extensive data and analytics. This enables analysis of all movements and actions, including the weapon’s aim and direction of fire, thanks to the system’s ability to capture the entire training session in 3D. Retrace the action from different perspectives, as many times as needed, until learnings fully manifest.
Strengthening the training experience.

Case Study

More efficient. More effective. More flexible. Facing complexity through collaboration.