HGXR AERO: Elevating Helicopter Simulation for the German Army

The German Army’s annual XR conference recently witnessed a groundbreaking moment with the showcase of the HGXR – AERO, our advanced helicopter simulator. This event marked a new era in military training, highlighting the exceptional capabilities of the AERO simulator, delivered to the German Army’s WTD 91 in 2022.

Advanced Technology Meets Realistic Training

The HGXR – AERO stands out with its integration of the Varjo XR3 headset, one of the highest resolution VR headsets available. This cutting-edge technology offers pilots an incredibly immersive and detailed visual experience, crucial for realistic training scenarios.

Compatibility with standardized simulation frameworks like “Distributed Interactive Simulation” (DIS) and “High-Level Architecture” (HLA) ensures the AERO’s adaptability, making it a versatile asset in various training environments.

Unparalleled Realism and Comfort

The AERO simulator offers an impressive range of motion, with up to 1 meter of lift and rotation across all axes to a maximum of 30 degrees, coupled with a dynamic overload geforce of up to 2G. This range not only enhances realism but also prepares pilots for the physical demands of real helicopter flight.

A standout feature of the AERO is its super low-latency architecture, which significantly reduces motion sickness, a common hurdle in flight simulation. This advancement ensures a comfortable, motion sickness-free experience for users, fostering longer and more effective training sessions.

Optimized Control and Positive Feedback

The simulator includes meticulously designed controls, such as single or twin-engine throttle collective, regular rudder pedals, toe brake modifications, and customizable button assignments, mirroring the actual controls of a helicopter for a complete training experience.

The AERO’s debut at the conference was met with outstanding feedback from various testers, affirming its effectiveness and user-friendly design. This positive reception is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in immersive training technologies.

Looking Ahead to New Horizons

Our collaboration with the German Army is just the beginning. We are excited to further enhance the AERO platform, continuously incorporating more advanced features. Our aim is to keep pushing the boundaries of XR technology, providing the most sophisticated and effective training tools for military applications.

The HGXR – AERO represents a significant advancement in helicopter simulation technology. Its success at the German Army’s XR conference heralds a new chapter in military training, setting new standards globally.

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