HGXR Transforms Military Training with Haptech Integration

Integrating lifelike weaponry into extended reality training is vital for an authentic simulation of real-world conditions. In line with this commitment, HGXR is set to integrate state-of-the-art tools from Haptech Defense Systems, Inc. into its XR training platform

This strategic collaboration represents a major leap forward in the realm of virtual military training, integrating highly realistic simulated training devices to better prepare armed forces for the challenges of the future.

The HGXR platform will expand to include Haptech’s M4-ERS, a simulated M4 carbine successfully deployed by HGXR for customers such as the German Army. The Haptech M4-ERS faithfully reproduces the precise look, feel and operation of the real weapon and is powered by a battery designed to accurately mimic a 30-round magazine, resulting in an unparalleled level of authenticity for trainees and respect for the simulation experience.

HGXR pioneers XR training and simulation solutions, incorporating hyper-reality technology, full-body tracking, haptic feedback, and awe-inspiring physical effects, for immersive and realistic experiences.

An integral aspect of these immersive experiences lies in the authentic operation of physical equipment. With their patented Electromagnetic Recoil System (ERS), this is a domain in which Haptech excels. Haptech’s ERS is a fully electronic platform that creates powerful recoil, captures data from users’ interactions with the simulated weapons, and wirelessly communicates that data to the core system–employed inside of highly realistic form factors.

With the expansion of their platform to include Haptech’s M4-ERS, HGXR offers an ultra modern simulation experience that closely mimics real-life situations and equipment.

The HGXR system sets a new standard in skill development within virtual environments and paves the way for enhanced learning experiences. Studies show that XR enables a supercharged “learning by doing” process, with VR learners four times more focused and faster in their training, and 275% more confident in applying new skills after training

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