Leap beyond and Achieve Maximum Performance.

Future-proof Extended Reality (XR) solutions adapted to your needs. We create end-to-end enterprise solutions that fuse our exceptional expertise in the field with high-end immersive technologies and our proprietary software solutions. Our products feature a wide specialized range of applications, which are efficient, effective, and multi functional in use.

Ready for the metaverse. Experience XR simulation, visualization, and training – anytime and anywhere.

Our Expertise, Your Benefit.

Extensive expertise in one team. We unite experts in the fields of AAA game software development, photo realistic visual effects, engineering, and military training, with a focus on XR hardware and software.

Hundreds of projects, applications, and training simulations have already been successfully developed in the company’s headquarters. Our clients and partners include the German Army, and German Army University, MBDA, the Fraunhofer Institute, and many more.

HGXR Fuses Cutting-Edge Hardware with Intuitive Software.

Our end-to-end solutions guarantee full flexibility in terms of space and usability while offering the latest XR technology, high-end graphics and an extensive app library driven by your needs. With HGXR systems, any real situation can be visualized, and simulated in the virtual space to be used for efficient and effective training.


Cost Effective
& Flexible

Save on setup time, travel expenses, teams of live extras, and wasted resources. The ability to realistically simulate, visualize and train anywhere, anything, and at any time, is truly a game changer.

Realistic &

XR can re-create hyper-realistic and high-risk situations but in completely safe virtual environments. This eliminates the risk of injury to team members and damage to costly equipment.

Supercharged Training

XR enables a supercharged “learning by doing” process and many studies have shown dramatically increased results. VR learners are 4x more focused, train 4x faster, and are 275% more confident in applying new skills after training.

Modular Platform
for Unique Flexibility.

Our platform is based on a modular design structure both in hardware and software, making it easy to integrate future technologies and enable a wide range of use cases.

The HGXR X system revolutionizes the virtual experience. Featuring our proprietary hyper-reality technology that blends state-of-the-art full-body tracking technology, haptic feedback, and physical effects inside a high-fidelity immersive experience.
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The HGXR M system is the mobile multi-use solution to-go. Compact, easy to set up, and full of possibilities. Turn any room into a virtual multi-use free-roam arena within minutes and train, visualize and simulate everything imaginable.
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A Truly Multifunctional Platform.

Utilize our evolving app library, implement third-party apps, or create customized applications with our team. Our intuitive interface makes for effortless system operation & management by a single attendant. Reproduce any physical object in virtual reality and seamlessly integrate authentic equipment for a realistic feel and operation.

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