HGXR Extended Reality Solutions
HGXR Extended Reality Solutions

XR Tailored to your needs

Future-proof Extended Reality (XR) solutions adapted to your needs. We create end-to-end virtual training and simulation solutions that fuse our expertise as market leaders with best-in-class immersive technologies. Our solutions offer complete flexibility in terms of space and usability and encompass both hardware and software.

XR training and simulation – anytime, anywhere.

Military & Defense


Immersive Technology

Realistic & Safe

Designed for Versatility

User Friendly

Trusted Quality

Experience the future of training with XR

A cutting-edge approach that digitally simulates lifelike scenarios for training purposes. By immersing trainees in a 360°, active digital learning environment, it dissolves the boundary between virtual and real life.

High-end Technology

Equipped with VR- headsets and trackers, trainees freely move and speak within a 3D virtual setting, interacting in an incredibly realistic manner with simulated and real objects, environments, non-player characters (NPCs) powered by AI and other trainees.

Ensuring Safety

Recreating hyper-realistic and high-risk situations in secure virtual environments eliminates risks to personnel and equipment, revolutionizing training for real-world challenges.

Enhancing Training Possibilities

XR opens doors to challenging training scenarios that were once logistically challenging or too hazardous to replicate in traditional settings. These scenarios allow trainees to develop the responsiveness needed to make the right decisions in any situations.

Tailored Solutions

Access an ever-evolving app library with just one click. Whether you opt for our native apps, third-party solutions, or need custom apps developed, our solutions are perfectly customized for your needs. Adapt scenarios, and diversify training sessions each time.

Realistic Equipment

HGXR Systems seamlessly enable comprehensive training across diverse scenarios, prioritizing utmost realism. Our integration of authentic weapons, equipment, and peripherals ensures a genuine and operationally sound experience - adhering to the principle of "Train as you fight."

User-Friendly Efficiency

Our intuitive interface simplifies the entire training process and is easily managed by a single operator. Switch quickly and easily between multiple applications.

Accessible at any time

Save on setup time, travel expenses, teams of live extras, and wasted resources. Our HGXR solutions transform any room into a virtual training space within minutes.

Our Expertise

We unite experts in gaming software, visual effects, engineering, and military training to innovate XR hardware and software and pushing the boundaries of reality for a futuristic spatial computing solution.

Trusted Partner

HOLOGATE, our parent company, leads the largest global out-of-home VR network. Our clients include the German Army, German Army University, MBDA, Fraunhofer Institute, and many others.


Over 400% increase in long-term retention

Supercharge Your Training with XR

Cost83% less expensive
Training time400% faster
Time lost to injury43% reduced

Findings stem from external XR studies illustrating the potential benefits of XR training.

More focused


More confident in applying new skills after training

Modular Platform
for Unique Flexibility.

Experience the future with HGXR’s modular, future-proof, open platform XR system. Our approach ensures compatibility with the latest technology and hardware, enabling seamless upgrades as XR capabilities expand.