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In today’s ever-changing warfare landscape, traditional military training struggles to keep up. HOLOFORCE BLACK software, integrated into HGXR training systems, provides a dynamic and secure learning environment tailored for military and defence personnel.

Developed in partnership with the German Army since 2020, HOLOFORCE BLACK stands as a revolutionary free-roam, full-body XR training system, ensuring defense training keeps pace with the demands of contemporary warfare.

Creation of Hyper-Realistic Scenarios

HGXR solutions leverage cutting-edge extended reality technology to recreate hyper-realistic scenarios that closely mirror real-world conditions. Adapt your situations each time within the application by swapping in/out different virtual actors, weapons and locations. Collaborate with our in-house studio to develop customized scenarios.

  • Close Quarter BattleAssault trainer, room clearing, single and in team
  • Anti-Air / Anti-TankMBDA Enforcer integrated scenarios
  • Military Law EnforcementID checks, active shooter, terrorist incidents

Integration of Weapons and Peripherals

HGXR incorporates equipment, weapons, and objects into XR training scenarios, faithfully replicating their exact appearance, tactile qualities, and functionality. Operating and handling authentic weaponry in high-stress situations is a key part of defense training.

  • Weapons Small arms, long guns, SMG
  • Anti Tank / AirMBDA Enforcer
  • Non-lethalTaser, pepper spray, baton
  • TacticalFlashlight, handcuffs, night vision
  • FeedbackHaptic vests, shock belts, scent, wind, heat

Weapon System Training

Integrated weapon systems like the MBDA Enforcer Anti Air / Tank shoulder launched weapon system, enables users to master handling and deployment – seamlessly bridging the gap between virtual simulations and real-world effectiveness.

Weapon system users gain skills to execute their missions reliably, efficiently, and effectively, achieving accuracy across diverse operational conditions, day and night, with a high first-hit probability.


Training in VR

More focused
Increases engagement
More confident
Applying training content
Training time

Findings stem from external XR studies illustrating the potential benefits of XR training.

After Action Review

Following each training session, our system captures comprehensive data and analytics. This enables analysis of all movements and actions, including the weapon’s aim and direction of fire, thanks to the system’s ability to capture the entire training session in 3D. Retrace the action from different perspectives, as many times as needed, until learnings fully manifest.

  • Conduct in-depth assessments of individual and team performance
  • Identify specific areas of improvement
  • Monitor progress over time with precision
  • Analyze data anytime, from every perspective

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