Revolutionizing XR Training with All-New VIVE Ultimate Tracker

HOLOGATE/HGXR incorporates the all-new VIVE Ultimate Trackers into its immersive media solutions. This strategic move reinforces the company’s commitment to providing the most advanced technology to its partners and customers.

One of the key benefits of the VIVE Ultimate Trackers is their utilization of computer vision and two high field-of-view onboard cameras for high-performance positional tracking. Computer vision eliminates the need to be seen by a headset or external sensors, facilitating an easy setup and enabling the addition of peripherals to single or multiuser virtual experiences. No base stations also mean a much larger free-roam VR supported area.

XR training demands high-frequency hands-on time with professional tools to enhance performance and achieve desired outcomes. By integrating VIVE Ultimate Trackers, HGXR empowers users facing high-risk situations to train effectively with real-world tools as part of their training and simulation solutions.

Full Body Tracking:

Capture full-body movement with up to five trackers and two controllers or VIVE Wrist Trackers per headset.

Object Tracking:

Track real-world objects on your headset to enhance the realism of the training experiences.

Small and Lightweight:

Weighing in at just 94g, the VIVE Ultimate Tracker ensures excellent weight distribution with its streamlined design.

Long Range Connectivity:

The tracker shares data using wireless communication at long range, providing flexibility in XR training environments.

Long-Lasting Performance:

Enjoy hours of continuous use with the built-in battery, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions.

Quick-Release Design:

Minimize downtime by effortlessly swapping out trackers with the quick-release design.

Leif Petersen, HOLOGATE/HGXR CEO and Founder, commented:

We are genuinely thankful for our close collaboration with HTC VIVE, as it has paved the way for us to harness the remarkable capabilities of VIVE tracking technology at the earliest possible stage.

With the VIVE Ultimate Tracker, we are ushering in a new era of full-body XR experiences for entertainment and enterprise. These innovative trackers require no additional sensors, feature a user-friendly quick-swap design, and boast extended battery life for all-day use.

Not only are they efficient and cost-effective, but they also significantly expand the range of possibilities and use cases for our systems. In fact, they enable seamless integration of additional peripherals and guarantee a multi-use XR experience in every conceivable area.

With VIVE’s cutting-edge technology, our immersive extended reality turnkey solutions for entertainment and enterprise are going truly next level!

HGXR’s reputation as a pioneer and frontrunner in the XR industry has been solidified by its strong partner network, providing first-hand access to the latest cutting-edge technology. With the integration of the VIVE Ultimate Trackers, HGXR continues to set new standards for XR entertainment and training, enabling users to hone their skills with unprecedented realism and effectiveness.

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